D-Link Setup Wizard

If you have purchased a brand new D-Link router then you must be ready to get the fast Wi-Fi up and running. D-Link router comes with advanced technology and you can connect the multiple devices to the D-Link router’s network at the same time. The D-Link wireless router has built-in D-Link setup wizard that provides managed instructions to set your router up. Just open a web-browser and visit the dlinkrouter.local address. Once you log in to the D-Link router configuration page, you can change various settings on the D-Link device. D-Link setup wizard walks you through the configuration of the home router. Before you start the Dlink router setup, you must know about the following things:

  • If you are using the PPPoE as your Internet connection type then you need its username and password. Ask your ISP for the PPPoE username and password.
  • Unplug your existing modem and turn it off.
  • Note down the network key and password.
  • Connect your wireless device to the wireless connection.

Steps for the Dlink router setup

Connect the devices

  1. First of all, turn off the modem or unplug it from the power source.
  2. Now, connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the D-Link router.
  3. Use another Ethernet cable and attach it from the computer to the LAN port of the router.
  4. Plug the D-Link router in the power socket. Turn on the wifi router as well as your computer.

Log in to the D-Link Router

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and enter the default login IP address
  2. If you cannot connect to the IP address then use the local address of the D-Link router which is dlinkrouter.local.
  3. When a login screen appears, enter the login details i.e. username and password. Click ‘Login’.

Access the D-Link Setup wizard

  1. After you log in to the D-Link web management page, click on the ‘Setup’ option.
  2. Next, a quick setup wizard appears on the screen.
  3. Run the smart setup wizard and follow the online instructions.
  4. Click the ‘Wireless settings’ to assign your network a unique name.
  5. Next, choose WPA2 encryption key in the ‘Security’ mode.
  6. Now, set a strong password for your D-link router to secure and prevent the network from hackers or bad guys.
  7. After you configure the settings, save the settings to the network.

How to reset the D-Link router ?

If you face the dlink router setup issues or forgot the dlink password then reset the dlink router to the factory defaults. Here are the steps to perform the D-link router reset:

  • First of all, look for the reset button on the back panel of the D-link router.
  • Make sure the D-link router is powered on during the process.
  • Use a paper clip or sharp pen to press the reset button.
  • Now, press and hold the reset button for at least 20-30 seconds.
  • Release the button when the power light on the router turns orange.
  • Once reset, the D-Link router will reboot automatically. The power LED stops blinking and ready to use. All the D-Link settings will reset to the factory defaults. You need to configure the D-Link router once again.

This was all about the D-Link setup wizard. Hope this article helped you. If you have any queries related to the D-link router then contact our experts. You can call our technical experts on a toll-free no. or do a live chat with us. Our experts are available all day long to assist you in the best possible ways.