Securing your d-link router is the best way to protect it from unwanted and unauthorized access to your wireless network. Once you are done with the d-link router setup you need to configure the wireless settings of the dlink router. If your d link router not secure, you are providing an opportunity to your hackers to steal your private information. Here, you will learn about how to secure dlink router. How to add security
There are a number of advanced security settings offered by D-Link router and if you want to access them, you need to complete the d-link router login steps. Even if you are not a tech savvy, you can configure d-link router by yourself without any hassles. The D-Link router installation and configuration can be done with the help of web address You can complete the d-link router setup process using ip address In
If you have purchased a brand new D-Link router then you must be ready to get the fast Wi-Fi up and running. D-Link router comes with advanced technology and you can connect the multiple devices to the D-Link router’s network at the same time. The D-Link wireless router has built-in D-Link setup wizard that provides managed instructions to set your router up. Just open a web-browser and visit the dlinkrouter.local address. Once you log in